Benefits of Temporary Professional Resources

  • Reduce headcount
  • Lower cost for resources
  • Lower overall operational costs

Augment Existing Teams

  • Bring projects in on time and under budget
  • Provide high-quality, skilled resources without adding headcount
  • Fulfill requests in a timely manner
  • Provide regional and global staffing coverage

Leverage Our Subject Matter Experts for Key Projects

  • Bring challenging projects in-house
  • Reduce reliance on multiple vendors for technical expertise
  • Bring knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer to the entire team

Leverage Value-Added Services

  • All HR functions related to staff augmentation are managed by Total Recruiting Management Group

Compare Total Recruiting Management Group to Your Current Consulting Company

  • Does your current staffing company hire the same level of skilled resources for its own company and deploy them in delivering the same types of in-house projects which you are managing?
  • Does your current staffing company manage the HR functions of the people it places in your organization?
  • Does it ensure its resources maintain high levels of expertise and stay current on emerging technology/trends?