Consulting Services

TRMG Consulting Services serves 4 industry segments – Government, Health/ Healthcare IT, Energy/Utilities, and Commercial. In these industries, we generate a significant competitive advantage over competitor firms with our deep functional knowledge of the client’s business area . With our years of experience we are able to recognize developing issues and trends, and provide guidance for our clients to act within changing conditions and trends.

We combine new technologies with clear thought develop solutions that support Canadian public sector in their efforts to maintain traditional services, while innovating and managing vastly growing information assets.

Health/Healthcare IT
We have over 10 years of extensive experience and unique capabilities in developing and managing health initiatives, at the regional, municipal, national level. Our experience takes us from organizational level implementations to provincial/state national wide program implementation and delivery while successfully supporting the creation new environments that build stakeholder engagement and establish direction.

Energy and Utilities
TRMG has extensive experience in the electrical power generation and oil and gas industries. Starting with oil and gas exploration to nuclear, coal and hydro-electric generation we support today’s systems.

We continuously solve complex business problems by providing technical know-how and industry specific knowledge in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, transportation, financial services, telecommunication, technology, retail, and natural resource industries.